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Movin' Out musical (2002)

Movin' Out lyrics list

Movin' Out Description

Release date: 2002.

Type: Broadway musical.

Movin' Out based on the Songs and Music of Billy Joel.
Movin' Out tells the story of five friends in 1960s suburbia. Eddie, Tony, and James are three good-natured high school guys looking to make their mark on the world. James is going steady with Judy, and they decide to get engaged. Eddie?s going out with Brenda, but she soon ends their volatile relationship, and she and Tony fall in love. Then the guys head off to Vietnam and James is killed in action. Eddie and Tony come home, but their lives along with Brenda and Judy?s are totally changed. The remaining four try to put their lives back together, but they are lost and damaged, particularly the self-destructive Eddie. However, after this rocky period, they are all able to turn their lives around and begin the next chapters in their stories.


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