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So Much To Do In New York (II)

So Much To Do In New York (II) lyrics

So Much To Do In New York (II)

Wonder if I have become a New Yorker.
N. Y. C. seems home to me.
Viv says that I'll never be a New Yorker.
I don't care, I like this air.

New York's the place to be, funny how things work out,
a boy from Nebraska that I met in Macy's
has stopped me from thinking of ev'rything else but his smile.
That's some smile.

I never planned that I'd find someone special.
Somehow he seems right for me.
Joe is so open and that's why he's special.
What's inside he doesn't hide.
Joe's like no Englishman I ever met.
If I have loved other men I forget.

[Thanks to Hayley for lyrics]
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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