I'll Begin Again lyrics

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I'll Begin Again

I'll begin again
I will build my life
I will live to know
I fulfilled my life
I'll begin today
Throw away the past
And the future I build
Will be something that will last
I will take the time
That I have left to live
And I'll give it all
That I have left to give
I will live my days
For my fellow men
And I'll live in praise
Of that moment when
I was able to begin again

I'll begin again
I will change my fate
I will show the world
That it is not too late
I will never stop
While I still have time
'Till I stand at the top
Of the mountain I must climb
I will start anew
I will make amends
And I will make quite certain
That the story ends
On a note of hope
On a strong amen
And I'll thank the world
And remember when
I was able to begin again
I'll begin again!

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