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A Marriage Proposal/A Tight-Knit Family (Reprise)

A Marriage Proposal/A Tight-Knit Family (Reprise) lyrics

A Marriage Proposal/A Tight-Knit Family (Reprise)

(Jason) (speaking)
This is how you make a marriage proposal.

(Mendel) (singing)
I love you dear.
I think you?re swell.
You?re never near me close enough to tell
If I?m delightful or not.

I need your wrist.
I praise your thigh.
There?s not a guy,
There?s not a piece of paper,
There?s not a man in pants
Who could love you the same as I!

Oftentimes, lovers are crazy people.
Sometimes they kill each other.
Just like a biblical brother
Did to his biblical brother
Back in biblical times.

Biblical times?

(Marvin) (speaking)
Biblical times?

Uh, biblical times.
(singing) Oh, those? biblical times!

I love your eyes.
I love your face.
I want you by my side to take my place
If I get sick or detained.

Don?t brush your hair, you?re perfect.
Don?t start to cry.
There?s not a guy,
There?s not a horse or zebra,
There?s not a giant man
Who could love you the same as I!

Forget that giant man,
He won?t love you the same as I!
I?m not a giant man,
But I?ll love you until,
Love you until,
I die!

Well, the situation?s this;
I could use a little drink,
I divorced my wife,
She dried her eyes,
Then she ran off with my shrink.

But I want a tight-knit family.
I want a wife who knows what love is.
Maybe she does, I?m too damn peeved,
Too self-absorbed,
Too self-deceived,
To note.

I should worry what he says,
Like his words could hurt me worse.
Marvin acts bereft,
My acts of theft
Are incredibly perverse.

(Marvin) (speaking)
You said it.

It?s embarrassing,
(singing) But I?ll get a nice, tight family,
Son with a brain and nice, bright mother.
Yes, I feel guilt. Yes, I?m annoyed.
So was Jung, so was Freud!

But I, I know you?ll come through it.
If so, you?ll have to be rich.

(Marvin) (overlapping)
But I, I can?t believe she loves you!
Why? I?m sure she cannot love you!

But nothing?s impossible!

Look who?s got power,

Ah, King of the Losers!

At eighty an hour!
He can bitch,
I can stall.

I want

I?ve got it all!

(Marvin) (overlapping)
I want it all!

Oh, sure, we?re gonna come through it!
No doubt, the bastard prepares!
We?re needy and wanting,
We?re greedy as swine!

I just want a family.

Well, the family was mine!

But who dares,
Dares to brawl?
I got it all!
I got it all!
I got it all!
Last Update: August, 08th 2015

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