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  1. Act 1
  2. All the Dearly Beloved   add
  3. Together Forever   add
  4. I Do! I Do!   add
  5. Goodnight   add
  6. I Love My Wife   add
  7. Something Has Happened   add
  8. My Cup Runneth Over lyrics
  9. Love Isn't Everything   add
  10. Nobody's Perfect Video  add
  11. A Well Known Fact Video  add
  12. Flaming Agnes Video  add
  13. The Honeymoon Is Over Video  add
  14. Act 2
  15. Where Are the Snows? Video  add
  16. When the Kids Get Married Video  add
  17. The Father of the Bride   add
  18. What Is a Woman? Video  add
  19. Someone Needs Me Video  add
  20. Roll Up the Ribbons   add
  21. This House   add


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