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All the Dearly Beloved

All the Dearly Beloved lyrics

All the Dearly Beloved

(Michael) All the dearly beloved have gathered at last.
(Agnes) Faces from the future and those from the past.
He-Distant cousins and uncles and aunts.
She-The boy who took me to my very first dance.
He-The girl I used to think was somewhat cute.
She-My mother's uncle Herbert from the institute.
Both-And they've all of them come with one thing in mind; just to see us say - "I do."
He-I do, I do, that's all I have to say. I do, I do, I say it every day. I did, I did, I did it just last night. I said it at the church rehearsal, and I got it right. I do, I do. How easily it's said. I wonder what would happen if I said "I don't" instead!
She-This morning I woke up so early. In fact, I never slept. I got down the box inside my closet where my very best things are kept. Then I fixed me a cup of nice hot tea, and I locked my door inside. Then I looked at my high school photographs, and cried (He-I do!) and cried (He-I do!) and cried (He-I do, I do!)!

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