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Do You Want to Play Games?/Stars, Stars, Stars

Do You Want to Play Games?/Stars, Stars, Stars lyrics

Do You Want to Play Games?/Stars, Stars, Stars

Do you want to play games?
If you do, well that's fine with me
I've got Stratego, Risk, and Go
Bet I even know some games that you don't know
If you want to play games
I've got MYST on a new CD
Must be some fun stuff we could find
'Cause I don't think you've got Parcheesi on your mind
I could turn you on to pinball
Do you like computer chess?
We could shoot a couple of hoops
But you'd have to ditch that dress
Do you want to play games?
Something tells me you're not the type
This isn't what a girl enjoys
This is a lot of stuff for boys
Looking at you I'm thinking
I didn't get the right toys
What other choices do we have tonight?

Stars, I can give you stars
A hundred billion stars in the sky
We can watch them float by
Suns, that's what stars are - suns
With planets by the tons
Where there may be two creatures like us
Gazing back at a million stars
Isn't that a thought that's awesome?
Let me give you stars, stars, stars
Stars, how'd you like your stars?

Very nice.

How'd you like to rocket around

With my feet on the ground



You and me in stars


All the while the earth is still spinning
We're spending tonight gazing up

Gazing up

At a million stars

At a million stars

JOSH (in counterpoint)
Happy, that's a thought that's awesome
Let me give you stars, stars, stars

SUSAN (in counterpoint)
Don't remember the last time I looked
Well I... all right... okay... give me...
Stars, stars, stars

Stars, here I am in stars
Floating in a warm kind of funk
Out in space in a bunk
In stars, he just gave me stars
I've been looking down for too long
But since I've left the ground
All around are a million stars
I have had a night that's awesome
Thank you for the fun...
And the ring...
And the stars...
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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