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Independent(On My Own)

Independent(On My Own) lyrics

Independent(On My Own)

You gotta do it,
You gotta do it,
Gotta do it all alone.
Just listen to me,
That's the way to be.

Independent, self-sufficient,
Got nobody to rely on,
Independent, self-reliant,
Crave no shoulder I can cry on,
Now I'm living,
I'm on my own.
Going it alone.
I don't need anyone,
And no one needs me.
No need for anyone
To help me mix martinis,
Roast the weenies,
Bake the bleenies,
Now that I'm free.
Self-sufficient, self-supporting,
Traveling light and flying solo,
Ev'ry day is Independence Day.
Free and easy,
Blithe and breezy,
Going it alone,
I'm independent
And on my own.
Last Update: February, 18th 2014

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