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Happy Days Are Here Again

Happy Days Are Here Again lyrics

Happy Days Are Here Again

I'd like to say a thing or two
About this song I sing for you
These are not the words you thought you knew
To Happy Days Are Here Again

There's a reason for the switch
I'm making a creative pitch
With the words I wrote without a hitch
To Happy Days Are Here Again

I came to show you my style
My name is Cynthia Weil

My lyrics will be slick and smart
Reminding you of Lorenz Hart
And we'll both sing when we top the chart
Happy Days Are Here Again!

Take me home!

You want a sonnet
I'll get right on it
I like a good rhyme
More than a good time
My pen's on fire
And I'm for hire

Donny let me write for you
Last Update: June, 19th 2014

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