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Just Go to the Movies lyrics

Just Go to the Movies

Follow me down the aisle of the Grauman's Chinese Theatre,
A colossal architectural sensation!
From the plush of your seat
In the Grauman's Chinese Theatre,
Life can be as plush as your imagination.
So if pure entertainment's your style,
Follow me, I have two on the aisle.
Need to relax?
Need to escape?
Go see Fay Wray in the paw of the ape.
Watch Errol Flynn shooting his bow,
Just go to the movies,
Just go to a picture show, oh.
When your morale needs some repairs,
Watch Busby's beauties descending the stairs;
Hundreds of girls doin' high kicks,
Just go to the movies,
Just go to the flicks.
And all for the sum of a quarter, life is peachy.
You can become Alice Fay or Don Ameche.
Swamped with your bills?
Late with your rent?
Watch Bette Davis run out on George Brent.
See Fred Astaire steppin' in style.
When ev'rything's dark and upset
Go calling on Clark and Claudette.
Just go to a marvelous movie and smile!
Girls in sarongs,
Monsters in capes,
See Scarlet make a dress out of the drapes.
Life can be grand from the third row,
Just go to the movies,
Just go to a picture show, oh.
Cooper in "Wings", Cowford in "Rain",
See Tarzan beat his chest when he meets Jane.
Sing with Dick Powell, ride with Tom Mix,
Just go to the movies,
Just go to the flicks.
Vicariously you are flying down to Rio.
Share the marquee with Missus Marx's zany trio.
So, when your life seems a bit lean,
Just let some shadows appear on the screen.
Shine like a star for a brief while.
Whenever you are down in the dumps
Try putting on Judy's red pumps.
And visit a guntotin' sharpie,
A moth-eaten harpie,
A dangerous beauty,
A kewpie doll cutie,
An ancient high Lama,
A high steppin' mama,
Just go to a marvelous movie and smile!
Just go to a marvelous movie and smile!
Last Update: July, 25th 2016

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