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Just So musical (1984)

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Release date: 1984.

Type: Broadway musical.

Based on the immortal short stories of Rudyard Kipling, Just So takes you on a fantastic journey along the banks of Africa's great, grey-green, greasy Limpopo River to meet an amazing collection of strange and wonderful creatures.
Set at the beginning of time, the musical introduces the Eldest Magician who has created a world of beasts and birds and fish.
Everything was just so, until Pau Amma the Crab began playing with the ocean, causing a flood that threatened the other animals.
To stop the crab, the Elephant’s Child goes on a quest to the Limpopo River, and discovers many lessons including...
How the leopard got his spots... How the rhinoceros got his skin... How curiosity and a hungry crocodile can turn an elephant’s small nose into a very large trunk.
Set to an eclectic, upbeat score, Kipling’s “Just So Stories” are woven with wit and imagination into a song-filled journey through the jungle. And you will be inspired by its underlying message - That one determined individual can make a real difference in this world.


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